Accessories for
          box assembly
       Florescent bulb 
      Pipes, tubes, rods,
          and profile
    Electric appliances,
  Automotive part. And
      acrylic products
 Certificate No.176866
OHSAS 3012/032
TLS. 8001-2003
    Have you ever faced the following problems ????
 - Have good and nice product , but an unattractive packaging.
 - Lack of plastic knowledge,which kind to be used in production
 - Product has special that requires design and consult
 - Limited budget for your project.
 - Need small lot production but cannot find supplier that
   meet up your requirement.

    Hence, Interprofile Co., Ltd. is founded to serve
 all kinds of demands of plastic industry,
 This is in accordance with the company' s commitment to
 become a leader in providing "Plastic Solution For All Applications"
  Interprofile Co.,ltd.
is founded in1994 on a two-storey building with an area of 64 square meters in   Meenburi.
To serve growing demands from its. Clients. the company has expanded its factory to cover on area of 4 reis inside the Nawanakorn Industrial Estate in 2001, There are seven factory buildings with a working space of 6,880 square meters.Inter Profile is fill-scale plastic manufacturing factory starting with a creation of a high- quality and high standard work.
Our Products are very well accredited. Hence, Inter Profile has moved up to be a leading firm and is widely recognized.
  One Stop Service
   with a good potential for a full-scale production and being one of plastic producers with all processing injection and blowing services and various kinds of materials such as PVC, PP,ABS,PA6,PA12, POM, PS,HIPS,SANTOPRENE,PMMA etc.Inter Profile con serve its clients. business owners, SMEs and other industrial entrepreneurs using plastic as Part of their production components well tih and work relevant to plastic production. With a motto of " Plasitc Solution for All Applications" Inter Profile Co.,Ltd. has a strategy to make a difference and focus on its clients. creation of business alliances. on order making without a minimum amount requirement and a counseling provision under a limited amount of budget. Inter Profile can produce a wide variety of products.
  - Food container
  - Accessories for plastic- corrugated box assembly
  - Fluorescent bulb cover
  - pipes, tubes, rods and Profile
  - electric appliances, Automotive part. And acrylic products.
  International Standard And Quality
inter Profile has a Commitment with sustainable development by focusing on customer satisfaction, environmental impact, and employee welfare, by certified in International Management Standard as follow.
FY 2002 - ISO 9001: 2000 certified
FY 2003 - OHSOS 18001,TIS 18001 certified (Thai Industrial Standard System)
              - TLS 8001 certified (Thai Labor Standard System, The first Thai company to be recognized with                  this standard.)
              - Drug Free Workplace Award from Ministry of Labour.
FY 2004 - ISO 14001: 1996 certified
              - Winner of Honorable Mention Small and Medium Industries Management from Ministry of Industry.
              - Labour Welfare Workplace Award from Ministry of Labour.
              - Safety Workplace Award, Pathumtani Province from Ministry of Labour.